Private Lessons with Jill

These 1-on-1 lessons with Jill are designed to get you on course with your individual dance goals, including improvisation and choreography development.
As a pioneer in the fusion and folk bellydance genres, Jill is a generous teacher with a rare gift for demystifying this sensuous form. She meticulously and effectively breaks complex movements down to their essentials — making the technique and nuances accessible through a more fluent embodiment.

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“As a baby teen dancer in the mid 90s was when I found Jill Parker, who was a principal dancer in the cutting edge FCBD troupe of San Francisco, CA. At the time, I felt I could relate to her more than any other bellydancer in the mainstream circuit not necessarily because of her style & technique — which was everything — but mainly because of her unapologetic strength & confidence, yet not craving all the spotlight. She instilled in me to find my own power as a dancer instead of seeking the praise & flirtation of the male gaze, which at that time seemed the goal of so many dancers. Since then Jill has become one of my main mentors in this dance form. Her devotion to the dance & its pedagogy is such an inspiration, & I always learn more from her every time I train with her. Her patience to the unique individual learning process as well as her attention to detail has helped me grow leaps and bounds. She’s down to earth yet direct with critique. Her teaching quality is another aspect I aspire to be like one day.’ -Maria Hamer

“Having private lessons with Jill has helped me to fine tune my dance skills and gain greater confidence in my dance art. She has an innate ability to breakdown complex skills into understandable terms and provide the guidance needed to ingrain the movement within the body. I have found Jill to be generous with her knowledge and teaching of Bellydance, very supportive and she continues to challenge me to grow in my skills and abilities.” -Erlinda Tulioc