The Alchemy Program is the culmination of decades of
Jill’s experiences as a dancer, instructor, mentor, and creative force.

Jill’s master eye will help you identify your strengths and areas for improvement in support of reaching your unique dance related goals.

This course will focus on goal setting, personal feedback, and a holistic approach to belly dance fundamentals.

Alchemy includes 35 hours of instruction in an intimate atmosphere where Jill’s instruction can be tailored to you (This is her superpower!).

There will be additional informal opportunities including a hafla where you can perform and receive personalized feedback from Jill in support of your growth and development as a dancer.

A major focus of the program will be the technique and vocabulary that is the underpinning of Jill’s elegant and easeful style.

Jill will share her approaches to both improvisation and choreography as well as musings on musicality and performance.

Topics will include:
• embodiment
• history
• personal practice
• goal setting
• and more!

Sound to good to be true?
It almost is!

Don’t miss the opportunity to be a part of the very first Jill Parker’s Alchemy: The Science, Craft, and Sorcery of Belly Dance.


Jill Parker’s Alchemy: Phase 1 Intensive
Lexington, KY

Aug. 21st 2019 – Aug. 25th, 2019